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Nutrition and Wellness Education for Every Body 

Learn, Eat, Nourish, and Heal

Stephanie Kreun is a certified holistic nutritionist that guides individuals to achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition and supplementation plans. Her background in multi-speciality clinical nutrition provides her with the experience to grow and manage her practice (, where she shares her contagious enthusiasm and passion for taking action to transform your life. Stephanie specializes in metabolic disorders, gut restoration, ADHD, and autism.


Warm, energetic, and intelligent, Stephanie offers a supportive, encouraging approach to health that takes the worry out of change and makes it sustainable. She has a unique way of connecting with people and empowering each person to take control of their health to achieve optimum wellness. 



I'm here to listen to your concerns, help you identify your goals, and create an action plan for you that is simple and possible to execute.

Holistic Nutrition
Gut Health
Nutrition for ADHD

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