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Recurring Member Fee ($115)

Save Over $100!

Hello Wellness Warrior!

I am so excited to continue this journey with you! It is so inspiring to watch you do the work to create a healthier life. You truly are amazing!


The original program required massive changes for so many, but did you feel the effects of your efforts? Here are some of the benefits I heard from our group:


Weight loss

Better sleep

Mental clarity

Less gastrointestinal symptoms (gas, bloating)

Regular bowel movements

Decrease in joint pain


WOW! So, let's keep this going! I don't want you to continue this alone....from my experience most people go back to old habits because they are not receiving the encouragement and support needed to be successful.


Here are the membership details:


Maintain Your Wellness Membership

$800+ value for just $115 that includes the following:


-Monthly power-packed Group Zoom Coaching call 

-Meal-compliant wellness recipes each month 

-Private Facebook Group with accountability and support 

-LIVE recipe preparations each month

-Vegan dessert recipes Ebook 

-20% discount on neutraceutical supplements

-Discount on all future programs


The $115 Wellness Reset price is a founding member's price only offered to those that have gone through the original wellness reset. You will be locked in at this price as long as you stay current in your membership.

A referral bonus is also available. Credit given for each new individual that joins the Wellness Reset 90-Day Program.


Are you IN?  I hope so! LOVE and HUGS!


Let me know if you have any questions. 

- Steph

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